Restore Nutrition

I'm super excited to be introducing Nutrition into the clinic.

To launch Restore Nutrition I'm introducing the "food of the future" cricket protein bars! Now before you think I've gone a little crazy, I've put together a little info on why crickets are the food of the future.
I will admit I was a little unsure myself but when I tasted a cricket bar I was amazed at the taste. Further reading into it I discovered that these little critters are full of nutrients I never would have thought.

Food of the Future

leap cricket bar

Have you heard of the term “Entomophagy”? Well, until my friend told me about her new business venture making cricket protein bars I never heard of it before. Basically, its is the practice of eating insects! I know what you are thinking “yuck” not for me. That is exactly what I thought when I heard about people eating insects. So I had to investigate this new food of the future of insect-eating and see what it was all about. Let’s hop (sorry had to throw a pun in) right into what I found. After reading through the research what I found was really interesting. So this doesn’t turn into a 1,000 word essay I’ll break it up into dot points

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability

Not all people who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet do it because they don’t like meat but rather as an environmentally friendly and sustainable living decision. Livestock production is responsible for producing massive greenhouse gas emissions. Insect production is more environmentally friendly as crickets require less water, less land and feed to survive, therefore produce a lot less greenhouse gas emission which makes insect production a more sustainable viable option.

Nutritional Benefits

What I wasn’t aware of was crickets provide a good source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Again for people who don’t consume red meat, crickets can provide key nutrients essential for optimum health.


Insect protein has a high digestibility so if you find meat heavy and has that feeling of sitting in your gut, cricket protein could be an alternative for getting adequate protein

Gut Health

Yes! of course, gut health had to get a mention. Insects contain chitin which is a source of fibre that has been shown to influence gut microbiota.

Fun Fact

Approximately 2 billion people (80%) of the world’s population regularly consume insects!