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Restore Nutrition is about giving easy, simple nutrition advice to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. Amanda has a Masters in Nutrition and herself has fixed her acne through nutrition and healing the gut. About Amanda

 Many skin conditions can be caused by the food we consume, so it's fair to say food can also be the key to correcting skin conditions. So why is this? Certain foods are put in the category of pro-inflammatory foods. These foods are known to trigger the inflammatory cells in the body which leads to a number of skin conditions. However, foods with anti-inflammatory properties can help reverse this.

Gut Healing Guide

The gut healing guide is a downloadable pdf designed to put on your fridge or desk as a quick reference guide.

Healing the gut is the first step to healthy skin. Acne and other inflammatory skin conditions can be caused by a disruption in the gut microbiota. To keep it simple in starting gut repairing here is a guide to put you on the right path to healthy skin.

Amanda Bailey

BHlthSc (Dermal Therapies), MHumNut (Nutrition)

Amanda is a Dermal Clinician with a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. She has 17 years experience in the skin, and aesthetic industry, and is very passionate about skin health, acne, and digestive health. In 2019, she completed her Masters in Human Nutrition as she believes that healthy skin starts from within.

Having battled with acne in her 20's which left her with acne scarring, she knows how this can affect self-esteem and the frustration of not seeing results. This has been the driving force to focus on acne scarring and restoring skin.

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