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Pigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns. When it comes to deciding what treatment or product can be overwhelming due to the many options and products on the market. If you have tried products and treatments but not happy with the results then this article is for you.

The first thing to do before any pigmentation treatment and what product to use is to first know what type of pigmentation you have. Read more

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Acne Scarring

If you've experienced acne, be it mild or severe, you're likely familiar with the emotional toll it can take—leaving you feeling self-conscious and, at times, embarrassed, making it difficult to embrace your own skin. The relief that comes with the clearance of acne can be immense, but often, it leaves you with acne scarring.

The encouraging news is that a plethora of treatment options exists for effectively addressing acne scarring. However, before delving into these treatment choices, it's essential to understand why scarring occurs following episodes of acne.

IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense pulsed light)  skin rejuvenation is a low downtime facial treatment that is effective for treating fine lines & wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, pores and skin firmness. It has been in the aesthetic industry since the early 90’s and proven to give exceptional skin rejuvenation results. IPL works by delivering light energy that is absorbed by the skin that is converted into thermal heat.

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